Shalonda Shaw

SHALONDA SHAW(Marci Miller): Shalonda started studying acting at the University of South Carolina and moved to Los Angeles a few years later to make her dream come true.  In Los Angeles, she completed the Sanford Meisner Two-Year Professional Acting Program.  Shalonda combined acting with her love of writing and started writing her own plays and scripts in which she had several produced.

The Widow’s Testimony, the first play she wrote and starred in opened to a positive review from Toluca Times last year.  Shalonda, who plays the widow, testifies against her husband’s alleged murderer.  Six jurors are chosen from the audience to decide the verdict.  There are two different endings for the play, one for a guilty and not guilty verdict.  That keeps the actors on their toes. Her One-Act Court Dramas which are performed in the style of Judge Judy just had its second annual run this past spring.

Other stage performances include A Raisin in the Sun; The Crucible; The Gingham Dog, Just Old Men Talking, and The Golden Age of Radio.

Shalonda has produced, written and starred in several films also.  Her award winning short film, The Third Eye won best thriller at the Los Angeles Film, TV, and Webisode Film Festival in 2012.  She has produced The Conversation which won several awards from film festivals in 2013.  She will produce The Reckoning, a gritty short film, with a mysterious element this summer.

Shalonda enjoys writing mysteries, detective stories, stories with a fantasy element and heavy dramas along with light comedy.  She considers herself, not just an actress or writer or director but a storyteller because she enjoys all of the aspects of filmmaking and theatrical productions.  Her goal is to create stories and films that have a lasting effect on society.

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, sight-seeing, visiting museums and reading.